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收藏: Jovie

Premium goat milk formula for healthy growth.

Jovie’s formulas are special because they’re made with organic whole goat’s milk.

Scientific testing of goat’s milk has proven that it is digested up to 2x faster and more easily by babies than cow’s milk making it a great alternative for babies with cow’s milk sensitivities!

Goat's milk proteins are softer and gentler on tummies making for smoother digestion. Around half of babies' caloric intake comes from fat, which is why Jovie’s formulas contain goat milk fat.

Goat milk fat is high in palmitic acid - an acid naturally found in breast milk - which aids in fat and calcium absorption so your little one can get the energy they need without digestive discomfort.

Jovie’s formula is EU-certified organic, meaning it's been holistically produced at animal welfare-conscious farms without the use of pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, or GMOs.

With nutrient-rich goat milk as the main ingredient, Jovie doesn’t rely on additives like palm oil or maltodextrin to provide a complete formula. Whole goat's milk naturally contains many vital nutrients.

Some of these nutrients include fatty acids (DHA & AA) to encourage brain development and visual acuity, lutein for eye health, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) to improve fat absorption and digestibility, and added prebiotics (galactooligosaccharides / GOS) to support bowel health.

Jovie’s formulas are staged to meet your baby's nutritional needs at every developmental milestone:

- Stage 1 (this formula) is intended for babies from 0 to 6 months
- Stage 2 for babies of 6+ months
- Stage 3 for babies of 12+ months

Babies all over the world are thriving on these premium formulas, and we think your little ones will too!

Why we love Jovie Organic Goat Milk Formula!

  • EU organic certified
  • Easier to digest protein
  • Less allergenic
  • Whole goats milk only, no maltodextrin or palm oil
  • Enriched with prebiotics
  • NO harmful chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics or GMOs
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